About Freeborn


Several different studies are planned for the 2015 year. We began with studying the Book of Genesis. We learned how powerful words are: God spoke and the universe, and everything in it, was created! Our words, likewise, are powerful and can create goodness and confidence or they can be destructive and hurtful. Words are powerful – use them with care.

We also looked at “free will.” Human beings have unlimited potential for goodness and creativity – God gave us the power to reach for the stars. But along with great potential for good, the temptation for doing evil is just around the corner.

After Easter, we will begin studying the Book of Exodus, learning how God is ever-faithful, no matter what His people did. The same is true for us today.

We will also be looking at Paul’s letter to the Romans and then delving into “Stewardship” and what it means in today’s world. We will be learning about the Reformation, started by Martin Luther (a Roman Catholic priest in the 1500′s A.D.), his Bible-based challenge to medieval Catholic doctrines, and how his challenge changed Christianity.

We welcome you to come worship with us each Sunday at 10 a.m. Each Sunday includes readings from the Old Testament, Psalms, New Testament, and Gospel. Holy communion is celebrated the 3rd Sunday of each month. Our desire is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. Our theme, which is:

“God’s Work – Our Hands”
is carried out through the support of Matthew House in Monroe (which provides support for families of prison inmates), Cocoon House in Everett, (which is a safe haven for teens in crisis situations), the Caring Place in Stanwood and Friendship House in Mount Vernon (which is Skagit County’s largest shelter for the homeless). Our ladies make quilts, which are sent out through Lutheran World Relief.

Our Mission Statement:

Called by Christ to be a part of our local community, Freeborn partners with our neighbors to care for one another, and for our environment, by encouraging each person to seek and find the relevance of God’s word in our lives.

Freeborn Lutheran Church is located east 1/4 mile off I-5 at Exit 215. We are in a quaint setting. The sanctuary, which was built in 1900, has been restored to its original state and includes original fir floors, alter area and windows. The adjoined sanctuary, which was built 50 years ago, is now remodeled and faces a forest of trees.

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