Pastor’s Corner

Recently, I read a book by Richard Wurmbrand entitled Tortured For Christ.

The author spent 14 years in a Communist prison camp. He experienced severe torture, including constant beatings, months in a dark, cold cell alone, near starvation, sickness and being left for dead. Yet, his story is amazing. The Christian faith became real and powerful for him. His story was one of triumph; love over hate. He learned to love those who abused him. Many of these abusers lost all human feelings and had no conscience. Yet others were captured by his love and his contentment and were changed by his faith in Christ.

“There are no human words that can describe the depths of human cruelty. Likewise, there are no words that can express the mysteries of God, love, and power.” (Page 61)

It was in prison that he experienced the mighty presence of God. This is also true for the early Church as many of the disciples were killed for their faith.

Much of today’s Christianity teaches a Gospel of “health, success, and wealth”, but this isn’t the message Jesus proclaimed or the early disciples experienced. The amazing fact is, Jesus is always with us. He gives peace, love, and strength to us for whatever comes our way. Those who have “gone through fire” can testify to this fact.

Let us reflect on this amazing truth. May it capture us.

Pastor Don Brekhus


About Pastor Brekhus

I am excited about the life and ministry of Freeborn Lutheran Church. Our mission is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus, God’s Son, Our Savior.

Our ministry consists of 5 parts: worship, education, service, fellowship and witness.

My name is Donald Brekhus. I retired in 2005 after 17 years as Pastor of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Stanwood. In October of 2009, God led me to serve as Pastor of Freeborn Lutheran. It has been an exciting time for us as we watch our attendance grow from 8 to 35 for Sunday worship service.

Many special events have happened at our Church this year. We are a warm, friendly congregation, treating one another like family.

Jesus is central to our life and mission. He guides us on our journey of life and promises us Heaven as our destination.

Come join us as we share our home, hope and God’s help.

Pastor Don

Pastor Don Brekhus