Pastor’s Corner


What an exciting year for the Seattle Seahawks as they made it all the way to the Super Bowl! The “12th man” were all those dedicated fans who cheered for the team.

“12″ is also a special number in the Bible. There were 12 sons of Jacob, 12 tribes of Israel and 12 Judges. The number “12″ can be found 187 times in the Bible. The number “12″ is considered a perfect number, symbolizing God’s power and authority.

Jesus called and chose “12″ disciples to bear witness to what He did and to spread the Good News to the entire world.

As a member of the Seahawks “12th man”, we were disappointed by the heart-breaking loss. As Christians, as a “12th” follower of Jesus, we celebrate the greatest victory of all times. Jesus has won the biggest contest on Easter. He fought against sin and death, and won!

He now shares that victory with us as we join the Original Twelve in celebration. Jesus’ victory is given to us so that it is our victory. The victory was won on Easter when Jesus defeated the foe and once and for all, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, our Savior.

Pastor Don Brekhus


About Pastor Brekhus

I am excited about the life and ministry of Freeborn Lutheran Church. Our mission is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus, God’s Son, Our Savior.

Our ministry consists of 5 parts: worship, education, service, fellowship and witness.

My name is Donald Brekhus. I retired in 2005 after 17 years as Pastor of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Stanwood. In October of 2009, God led me to serve as Pastor of Freeborn Lutheran. It has been an exciting time for us as we watch our attendance grow from 8 to 35 for Sunday worship service.

Many special events have happened at our Church this year. We are a warm, friendly congregation, treating one another like family.

Jesus is central to our life and mission. He guides us on our journey of life and promises us Heaven as our destination.

Come join us as we share our home, hope and God’s help.

Pastor Don


An emotional day, May 3rd. Pastor announced he and Pat are retiring and that the August 2nd worship service will be his last. We will count on their help for the remaining months and wish them all the best.

His letter is below:


Pastor Don Brekhus