Pastor’s Corner

We all have special dates to remember: Birthdays, anniversaries, soccer games, opening day of fishing season…April 15th is also an important, yet dreaded, day to remember. It is the day our Federal Income Tax return is due.

On April 20th, we will celebrate the most important day in history. It is similar to D-Day in World War II, for on that historic day the war was officially over and people were declared “FREE”.

April 20th is the day we remember to celebrate Easter. Jesus Christ was raised from the dead! He is alive!! The event has won the greatest victory in the history of mankind. Jesus has defeated the enemy of sin and death! He has won for us, who believe in Him, the entire liberation from sin, shame and guilt. He has conquered the greatest foe of all, the power of hell.

Easter is the day we remember this historic fact and we begin to celebrate how this victory touches our lives and our world.

Please join us for our Easter worship service.


About Pastor Brekhus

I am excited about the life and ministry of Freeborn Lutheran Church. Our mission is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus, God’s Son, Our Savior.

Our ministry consists of 5 parts: worship, education, service, fellowship and witness.

My name is Donald Brekhus. I retired in 2005 after 17 years as Pastor of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Stanwood. In October of 2009, God led me to serve as Pastor of Freeborn Lutheran. It has been an exciting time for us as we watch our attendance grow from 8 to 35 for Sunday worship service.

Many special events have happened at our Church this year. We are a warm, friendly congregation, treating one another like family.

Jesus is central to our life and mission. He guides us on our journey of life and promises us Heaven as our destination.

Come join us as we share our home, hope and God’s help.

Pastor Don