Bonhoeffer Botanical Gardens

Visit Beautiful Bonhoeffer Botanical Gardens!

Found on 20+ acres located on Exit 215 off the I-5 freeway, 45 minutes north of Seattle. The Gardens contain all of Western Washington’s indigenous trees, shrubs, vines and  ferns along with most grass, moss, mushroom, pond, flower and ground cover species. The Gardens also exhibit 3 types of wetlands on a portion of the 1973 state-destroyed Freeborn Church Creek. The Gardens are intended to serve as an outdoor educational and recreational resources for the coming generations. As part of the Pilchuck Stanwood Camano Learning Center, its paths and kiosks, like the Pilchuck Living History Farm’s across the road, serve as “outdoor 3-dimensional laboratories”. While the collection of native plants is being established; Bonhoeffer Gardens operates as a private non-profit farm focusing on the preservation of the Northwest’s indigenous plant species. When a Conditional Use Permit is obtained (zoning), the Gardens will be opened to the public.

By invitation, visitors and supporters are asked to:

  • Enhance and protect the natural watershed;
  • Not pick leaves, turn rocks or destroy or alter the natural habitat in any way (ferns, moss, flowers and grass are under propagation);
  • Document and share any developed instructional materials with other teachers and researchers;
  • Heighten awareness about the “holistic” nature enjoyed by settlers 150 years ago (the 1864 US County Census found only 44 pioneers, all men);
  • Allow all visitors to peacefully enjoy the trails, gardens and watershed areas. If you are able, please refrain from smoking and alcoholic beverages. Unsupervised children are not allowed (ponds are deep, life jackets are available at the pre-school);
  • Enjoy yourself, the gardens and the day: Life is short.



Each day, progress is made on the facilities. Pin piles are being installed for the boardwalks. Story board pedestals have been erected.

Campus 215 Update

WOW…each day changes are evident and astounding! What a beautiful campus. The boardwalks, walkways and kiosks are coming right along; many of them already complete. There is .75 miles of ADA circular path that varies not a ¼” in grade; built for those in wheelchairs or walkers or even the new parent pushing strollers around the gardens.


Daffodil Hill will soon be in bloom with over 400,000 of the cheerful, yellow beauties poking up their heads. Some are already up! We have a couple of Daffodil Festival days coming in March…the 21st and 28th! Stay tuned for more information on those.


The Children’s Park is nearly complete. You can walk and sit among 22 native conifer species, have lunch on numerous picnic tables, find raccoons, make a wish in our wishing well, or see a water wheel turn. Soon a maze is coming for the little ones to explore.

Childrens.Forest.Park.Boardwalk Walking Path and Boardwalk



Wish to donate to the maintenance and expansion of our beautiful gardens? You can do so right here!