Busy Bee Quilters

So far this year, our quilting ladies have donated 55 quilts to three different local charities and service organizations:  The Caring Place in Stanwood, and the two Friendship Houses in Mount Vernon, as well as to Trinity Lutheran College in Everett and the Skagit Cancer Center.

On May 1st, we delivered 13 boxes of quilts to Ballard to be shipped to Lutheran World Relief. That’s over 70 quilts to be of use by someone far, far away needing a nice Freeborn hug. Thank you to Debi and Terry Seay for making that delivery for us.

Our next shipment, October 30, will also consist of 35 Baby Care Kits.

To be shipped overseas, the quilts cannot have patriotic figures, flags, or logos. Nor can they be Western culture themed…sports teams, cartoon characters, etc. They are boxed and sent to one of two LWR locations, Minnesota or Maryland. There, they are sorted again and compressed in plastic-wrapped bales. LWR coordinates the shipping, in ocean cargo containers. It could take 4-6 weeks to get to their ultimate destination; sometimes to poverty-stricken or disaster areas, or remote villages. They must be washable because streams and lakes might be the only laundry source. They may be used as: a blanket or even a bed at night, a shawl, the floor of a market display, a room divider, backpack, or satchel, shelter from the burning sun. Those are just a few examples…and especially they are a constant reminder that someone, far, far, far away, cares a lot! Check out the LWR website – www.lwr.org.

Locally, these quilts may be used for a child’s bed or play pen, a throw for the couch, to carry in your car or RV, a pets bed, at the beach, on your picnic bench, as a chair at your grandchild’s soccer game, at your summer home or cabin…to name a few.

Do you know of a local organization or charity that could use some of these handmade beauties? If so, call Peggy at (360) 629-3590.

We are always in need of sheets, new and used, as well as pieces of material and of course, volunteers. Come and see what we are doing, Tuesday mornings from 9 to noon, except the second Tuesday of the month. The coffee pot is always on, so stop by and say hi.

Do you wish to donate to our quilting projects? Money for sheets and batting are always needed. You can donate right here!

Below is a small sampling of our lovely quilts.


Christmas.Quilt Busy.BeesQuilt.Blessing