Freeborn Cemetery


New to the cemetery are 2 columbaria, or niche walls, to accommodate cremated remains. The completion of the site, with a walk-around path and bench seating, should be soon.

The Freeborn Lutheran Cemetery Committee reports there are approximately 50 cemetery plots available for purchase. The pricing is divided into 2 categories: For those who have some historic connection to the Church, have family members buried in the cemetery and those currently attending services, the charge is $800 per plot. For those individuals with no past or current association with the Church or cemetery, the charge is $1,000 per plot. Cremation plots are priced at $200. If interested in purchasing a plot, contact Diane Erickson at (360) 939-0606.

Do you wish to buy a plot? Or donate to the cemetery maintenance? You can do so right here!


Entry Rock