Missionary Corner


Michelle spends her free time volunteering at a school for Haitian refugee children where she works in developing curriculum and fundraising to help hire teachers, purchase school supplies, pay the rent, pay a cook, provide clean drinking water, and purchase food for the school breakfast program. Sometimes, this meal at school is the only meal the children get during the day.

There are 40 students who attend the Haitian school. The children range in age from between 3 and 14. The teachers have watched the children grow academically, physically and spiritually. They have also witnessed students becoming more respectful and well mannered. In the past, the school’s teachers noted that many parents do not treat their children in a loving or nurturing manner. In return, the children are rude and disrespectful to their parents, and not listening to them. The teachers have been showing students how to listen and be respectful to their parents. The teachers have seen a big difference in not only how children treat their parents but also how the parents are now treating their children!

Michelle also continues to volunteer at a local girls’ home where she helps the girls with English and crafts. Many of these girls come from very abusive homes and only have access to poor educational opportunities. By living at the girls’ home, these girls are safe and able to attend better schools.

Per Michelle’s most recent newsletter, Spring of 2015, an anonymous donor gave money to help the school purchase land or a building. The school is currently renting. She asks for prayers for wisdom and favor as they look for a new location. Additional donations are welcomed. If you are interested in helping with this need, please e-mail mbrekhus@hotmail.com. Thank you, Michelle, for all your hard work and dedication. Below is a link to her latest newsletter.

YHS Spring 2015 Newsletter1



The mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti is to partner congregations in the U.S. with congregations in Haiti in mutual ministry. Freeborn Lutheran Church has been partnering with Holy Savior Episcopal Church in Les Cayes, Haiti. Together we have built a research and education center in Les Cayes for developing building materials from waste plastic. There are now 8 Haitian student employees at the center. Eddy Lindner of Freeborn has been the mission developer of this project for four years now.

The Diocese is exploring sending two of these students to our parishes to live together with 4 U.S. young adults. After 3 months, the whole student team can travel to Haiti. This exchange could continue on 3 month cycles.

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